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Sales and Listing Statistics Near Year End 2020, Greater Vancouver Region

The real estate market in Greater Vancouver has really outperformed this year despite the pandemic.  For example the West Side inventory of single family homes has shimmied down from 15 months of supply in January to 6 months supply in December with sales volume up about 18% year over year.  We've had 889 West Side single family homes sell so far this year as compared with 752 last year, while supply is significantly lower this year.  This is good news after over two years of slump.  As the supply has diminished the benchmark prices have risen slightly.  


Have a look at the numbers for detached, townhome and apartment properties in the Greater Vancouver regions:

december 14 2020 sales and listing stats




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Weekly Greater Vancouver Sales Trends During COVID Show Why We Are LOW On Inventory

Here is why we have such a competitive real estate market in a nutshell.  The weekly listing count is neck in neck with the weekly sales count leaving a shortage of inventory to choose from.  This is happening while we have virtually no foreign Buyers in the market so there goes that line of thinking as to who to blame for our high housing prices.

Greater Vancouver Average Daily Listings and Sales:

First two weeks of March – 253 new listings, 138 sales
Last two weeks of March – 167 New Listings, 98 Sales
April – 120 new listings, 56 sales
May – 189 new listings, 75 sales
June – 274 new listings, 115 sales
July – 274 new listings, 147 sales
August - 299 new listings, 157 sales
September – 313 new listings, 176 sales
October – 272 new listings, 182 sales
November 2 to 6 – 236 new listings, 151 sales
November 9 to 13 – 253 new listings, 188 sales
November 16 to 20 – 191 new listings, 155 sales
November 23 to 27 – 166 new listings, 149 sales
November 30 to December 4 – 165 new listings, 163 sales
December 7 to 11 – 147 new listings, 140 sales

Historic Sales Recorded Province-wide in British Columbia