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Strata Insurance Update



Read all about average 50% increases to strata insurance in Vancouve:


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Strata Insurance Mayhem

Make sure you have adequate insurance for your strata corporation's current deductibles! 


How does this impact owners of strata units in B.C.?


Strata unit owners should be aware of impact on the building policy and their unit policy: If your strata corporation is faced with a substantial increase in insurance rates, the cost will be reflected in your annual budget that determines your annual strata fees. If the deductible is dramatically increased to $100,000, for example, it means any claims under $100,000 are not covered by insurance and, subject to your bylaws, each owner is likely responsible for damages to their strata lot with the strata corporation responsible for the cost to repair common property. The result is many of the repair and replacement costs that have been covered by the policy of insurance taken out by the strata corporation will now be downloaded onto the affected owners in the event of a claim. Coverage for owner liability more important than ever. The Strata Property Act establishes building insurance deductibles as a common expense, but also allows the strata to sue an owner to recover the cost of repair or the deductible portion of a claim if the owner was responsible for the loss. To save the potential legal costs of suing an owner to prove their negligence caused the loss, many stratas have passed bylaws making owners “strictly liable” for any losses that originated from their units. Review your strata bylaws: How does your strata approach this issue? Condo policies can include coverage for this transfer of the deductible costs to owners. If an owner is responsible for a claim (for example, their washing machine hose fails, and escaping water causes damage to other units and common areas), the owner could be responsible for the $100,000 deductible or the full cost of repair if it is less than the deductible. Now, more than ever, unit owners will want condo homeowner insurance that covers their liability in the event of a claim for damages to their unit, as well as the cost of a deductible or the risk of being sued by other owners if they cause a claim.


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Strata Insurance Increases


There is much concern amongst condo owners that the cost of their building insurance and their own strata unit insurance and deductible insurance is rising exponentially. 

CHOA published this paper in response  300 869 05122019 how do strata corporations and owners manage the dramatic increase in insurance rates 


The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver is working to have the Strata Property Act ammended by the BC Government so that the Form B includes a copy of the strata insurance.